27 December Eunoia Review

17 June Eunoia Review
Ballad for a Possible Monogamy, Fever, Foreplay
27 February Eunoia Review
After Another Saturday Night


15 September Horn & Ivory
Mojave; Sunset Junction

9 September Eunoia Review
An Autopsy for Another Weekend Night

Filipino American Artist Directory 
Condemned to Accretions 
[ ekphrastic poem on photograph #2 in Jeremy Keith Villaluz's "Enclave" ]

26 June Local Nomad
Civilization and its Discontents; Elegy

 19 May Eunoia Review
In the Age of Innocence

 27 February (Issue #2) Bombus Press
Prelude to a Quieter Epilogue

26 February FORTH Magazine

 21 February The Galway Review
Escape, Ablutions, It's the weekend once again, The night howls, Flight Destinations

 Issue 44 Otoliths
The Usual Handsome Cowlicks, Birth of a Ventriloquist

04 January Eunoia Review

 January Eastlit
Breathing Exercises at a Dumpsite in Manila, Prelude to a Beauty Pageant,
In the Theater of Lino Brocka's "Macho Dancers" 

       Filipino American Artist Directory
The Symptoms  
[ ekphrastic poem on Jean Vengua's painting "Masked Figure" (2016) ]


20 November Eunoia Review
Communion; Persistent Stories; This hollow

Issue 43 Otoliths
Driven; How to Purify the Air; Lombardy

8 Augus8 August Eunoia Review
2am; Dissolution

Issue 42 Otoliths
Prelude to Act I; We used to ditch class

20 April Poetry Pacific 
Anchor; Distance


5 November Poetry Pacific 
Meteorology; Sonoran Desert Border; Our speed assails 45 

25 Febuary (#Null Issue) LUTT MAGAZIN (Germany)

21 January (36th Issue) Otoliths


5 November Poetry Pacific
     I hold evenings in your hands; Bloom

1 November (Inaugural Issue) Local Nomad
     Lacustrine Dwellers 
August 5 Poetry Pacific

19 February The Common (Amherst)
29 January (Reprint) Ink Sweat & Tears


10 December Ink Sweat & Tears

November poeticdiversity

July Munyori Literary Journal

May (Issue 29) Otoliths

February MiPOesias


December (47) Electronic Monsoon Magazine


September Pyrta (Fall Issue 5)

July  Blue Fifth Review 

July Philippines Free Press

2 May Asia Writes

April/May (43) Electronic Monsoon Magazine
     Tales of Winter & Exile (reprint)

13 January Caliope Nerve


10 December Tertulia Magazine (folded)
    In the Labyrinth of Serpent Tattoos; 
A Theology of Darfur

Fall BlazeVOX

18 August Asia Writes

4 June Metazen


June (Issue 3.2) Prick of the Spindle
     Sunny Habit

April/May Eclectica

April Otoliths
     Everlasting Parallel

Winter Melt Issue Mannequin Envy (folded)

February Underground Voices


Winter Kartika Review

November Tertulia Magazine (folded)

October Zygote in My Coffee
     Morning After

September elimae

Summer XCP: Streetnotes